The Jukebox Romantics on tour now

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New video for The Jukebox Romantics “The Art Of Wrestling With Life”
Pick up their new LP  “Transmissions Down” and/or their new 7″ “Plot Points”!  On tour now. Also announcing Special Duties U.S Tour Dates next week!

ClICK HERE to pick up their new records.

APRIL 29th! (Shipping now within the U.S) ORDER HERE

 Ten song split 12″ By two of NJ’s raddest bands! The classic Blanks 77 with their first new material in almost 15 years, and NJ spiky haired drunk punks The Parasitix! First press is limited, so grab em up as soon as you can!  Out April 29th! If anyone would want to print out some letter size flyers for your local stores/tattoo shops/light poles or whatever here are two links that you can print on your home computer.
1 color (takes up less ink!
full color
We’d appreciate the hell out of it if anyone would like to help out by printing and passing these around!

The Jukebox Romantics new tour dates! Be sure to follow their facebook page for venue info and more! We should have a list of all dates and info in a few days.

The Jukebox Romantics

The Jukebox Romantics


First new album in over ten years! On tour summer as well!


The jukebox romantics: "transmissions down" lp Jukebox romantics: "plot points 7" (out now!)    Special duties: "77 one more time" vol. 2 shipping now!
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WHOLESALE VIA COBRASIDE, SONIC RENDEZVOUS, AND PLASTIC HEAD(UK/EU) Just ask your local record store or distro, they will know how to get our releases.


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Contact us for a catalog for band merchandise. We do not list but a very very few on the storefront, we carry hundreds of products from most bands on the label.

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