Essential things to know when becoming an artist

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Quite sometime ago I sat in the Amtrak towards Boston and a fellow passenger said next to me. He was a young guy carrying a guitar case. I asked him what he played and he replied that he tries to make music for a living but it doesn’t come that easy for him. I asked him why and he responded that he has an awful lot of work on trying to make his social media pages reasonable. He just doesn’t understands what he was doing wrong. He showed the pages and I was stunned on how good it looked. I told him it was a matter of time when he became bigger, he was relieved.

But it got me thinking, aren’t there more people that want to start out in the music industry but just don’t know how to begin? Is there anyway I with my experience can help them? I think you need to learn the following things when starting your career as a music artist.

1. Get a team around you
No one can work alone. You will need someone to help you to do tasks because if you want to do everything by yourself you will screw yourself. Get someone you trust and let them help you maintain your social media channels, sales and administration. This will help focus more on creating content.

2. A realistic goal
Saying yourself that you have to go on tour within the first year is like saying to someone that just started running that he has an marathon next week. It’s impossible and not healthy for your stress level. Take your time and set realistic goals. Like:
• Get a hundred likes on facebook
• Sell your single ten times in ten days
• Do one gig every month in a local pub
This way you can take the stairs towards your dreams!

3. Learn how to handle press
Press and things like writing press releases can be difficult and painstakingly annoying to do. I personally like to keep it simple just say the things you want to say and let them roll with that but that’s not that easy to do as it sounds. You wind up with a very long document that nobody wants. Also start trying to get in contact with newspapers and magazines! They can help you get bigger much faster!

4. Understanding your market
Try to get to know your surroundings. It sounds simple but it’s really important. Try to know who do I want to target with my music and how are you going to reach them. After all your still starting a business, so take it serious. When you know who you want to contact then find a way how. How are they reachable? Social Media, ads or anything else. Maybe some gigs in the local bar really help or maybe they don’t you can always try.

5. Use social media networks
Many especially young people are on Social Media platforms. That can be facebook but it can also be Instagram, twitter or snapchat. Platforms like Instagram are great to work on your brand, hence a lot of people buy Instagram followers to increase their reach. Try starting campaigns to enlarge your reach and get them to like your page. That really helps as well. By doing that your getting on more timelines and that means your going to be more popular. It’s that simple. Also, create a brand image. Like skrillex his hair or Marshmello his head. This way you create a signature people will remember. Remembering means you will get more attention and that gets you higher up that ladder.

These are just some of things I think about the subject and I am in no means an expert. But I am someone who has a lot of general knowledge and I think it helps. Let me know in the comments which advise you find helpful or advice that really helped you. And I will pin the best ones!

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