How important are streaming services for artists?

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If your one of the bigger artists out there at the moment or even if your just starting out you have to have a platform on which you can reliably share your content with the world. But what is the best way of reaching your potential fans and how are you going to keep them coming back for more? That is a huge question under managements and sing and songwriters at the moment.

In the early days it was pretty simple. You went to record shops and you let them listen to your songs and boom you were in. But things aren’t that easy anymore. Now a days with the introduction of the internet becoming famous is a whole lot more accessible for people. Because it’s easier to get noticed via YouTube and other social media platforms it’s a lot harder to fight off the competition.

Two really amazing platforms to put out your content are Spotify and Soundcloud. However Soundcloud is getting less and less attractive it seems but don’t get fooled, it’s still a amazing platform. Once your song is on one of these platforms it’s key to promote them as well as you can. You can do that via social media or you can buy them really easy. This is maybe not the cleanest way of getting to the top but if you believe your music is good enough to get signed then it’s definitely worth it because you can give a boost start to your career.

Buying your plays and followers helps because record labels like spinning records and others don’t care that much about how good your music really is but more about how popular and known you are. If you show them that you already have quite a big following of people and you have quality content they will sign you much faster then if you only have quality content. Because they can work of from your following and grow it immensely. So the short answer to getting signed is: Buy spotify plays. Buying views is not something you should share with the public though because there a lot of opinions on the matter, lot’s of people think of it as cheating and destroying the business. But that’s not that true in my opinion because many people do it to become better. It’s not like you’re the next overnight sensation. You don’t go away like nothing because you increase your real following as well.

I think becoming big via streaming platforms shouldn’t be that hard. And it should also be not be that easy that people with talent can do it. Just let it be good that’s all I’m saying. What is your opinion on the subject? Let me know in the comments sections down below this article

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